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About us at Omar's Fusion

Omar, came to the beautiful British Virgin Islands, to pursue his passion in culinary field where he gained tremendous experienced working for a number of leading restaurants until he finally made the life altering decision of becoming an entrepreneur (quote by Omar: Best decision of my life) starting out with his breakfast/Coffee Shop "Omar's Cafe" in which he has successfully been operating for the last 12 years, it is known as the "Best breakfast place in the BVI"!

Omar's core value is believing in diversity, which inspired the creation of "Omar's Fusion" along with
his love for spicy Indian cuisine he was motivated create a contemporary environment where the language of food have no boundaries with his executive chef Arokiadoss Gnanapragasam from India.

Executive Chef Arokiadoss Gnanapragasam has 20 years of experience, orchestrates culinary feats served in luxurious surroundings in undeniable style. His love for food started from a very young age watching his mother cooking and blending spices, he knew becoming a chef was his life goal.

His determination gave him the opportunity to leave India to travel and work outside his country, traveling to the Caribbean he learnt about the western cuisine and culture. Doss fell in love with the British Virgin Islands, where he met Omar with their differences and passion for food this duo complimented each other.

Together, along with their team it has been thus far a wonderful journey of experiencing and appreciating the collision of two worlds.